Update just Posted Monday, May 14

Articles by San Francisco Tribal Members

San Francisco Tribal is an association of tribal art dealers from the San Francisco Bay Area. The association is comprised of 13 experts in African art, Oceanic art, Asian art, pre-Columbian art and North American Indian art. The members offer a wide range of high quality sculpture, masks, textiles, ceramics, weapons, shields and jewelry from ancient and traditional cultures and are committed to a standard of excellence and professional conduct.

San Francisco Tribal member dealers guarantee the quality and authenticity of everything they sell. From pre-Columbian to tribal Asian, the dealers have sold important works of tribal art to renowned museums and private collections worldwide. San Francisco Tribal enhances accessibility to this important community and promotes the Bay Area as a major destination for collectors of fine tribal and textile art. To this end, San Francisco Tribal presents tribal art exhibits that showcase the diverse specialties of its members and maintains this website with information about the dealers and the works of art they have for sale.

Choose the dealers option to view the online galleries, visit the calendar page to learn about upcoming events, and be sure to contact us to tell us your interests or join our mailing list for upcoming events. Thank you for visiting the San Francisco Tribal website!