San Francisco Tribal Presents
Primal Arts at the Presidio
October 10-12, 2008

The SF Tribal group held its fifth annual event in the Herbst International Exhibition Hall in the San Francisco Presidio. It is a beautiful venue and the exhibits were world class with dealers representing tribal art from six continents. The opening preview party was well attended by the cognoscenti of Bay area collectors and friends of tribal art. Photos of the event and friends of SF Tribal are offered below.

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Thanks to all of you attending tribal art collectors and dealers who made this show such a great success!

Click here for the Hali magazine review of the show.


Tribalmania's exemplary exhibit of tastefully appointed Oceanic art

        Michael Aulsio is a first class guy with a great eye

Mike and Carol caught in the headlights


Robert Brundage exhibits a variety of esoteric Himalayan art.



The opening night party was fun and well attended by local Tribal Art fans.

The Thai Street Food banquet was a BIG hit!

Local literati debate Art over copious quantities of wine.



Cathy Cootner stands transfixed by BC Dentan's elegant display.

Saturday morning Cathy leads a popular tour of the exhibits.

Dave in his dual roll as art dealer cum safari photographer.

Humor provides a welcome diversion at SF Tribal events.


Erik Farrow commiserates about art with Tom.


Zena Kruzick provides a very impressive display.

Wenhua Liu specializes in minority textiles from China.


Bobby D' was granted a day pass so he could attend our event.


Joe Loux has an eclectic and very popular exhibit.      

Say it ain't so Joe..........


Andres display of colorful African textile wonders.     

Andres elegant booth with an African theme.


Tom Murray doesn't disappoint with his usual over the top display.

Kathleen scores another trophy.


Dr. David Rosenthal - Rhythm & Patina specialist.

Inspector Al examines the evidence.


Cathy and Vicki discuss life & art with the tour group.

Vicki and Georgia - State of the Art

Frank Wiggers dramatic Indonesian offerings beckon supplicants.   


Bay area veteran Jim Willis shows dramatic African artwork.

SF Tribal Debating Team action photo.

Tribal Magazine Fall Centerfold

Support Staff - Some gurls just like to have fun............