San Francisco Tribal
Inaugural Art Exhibition and Sale
November 5-7, 2004

Our inaugural tribal art show and sale early this November was a smashing success. Housed in the funky-but-elegant Somarts Gallery space in San Francisco’s design district, our first collaborative exhibition came off without a hitch thanks to the great efforts of our Dear Leader, Frank Wiggers, and Andres and Vanessa Moraga, who did most of the work putting the event together. All of our membership participated, with the very unfortunate exception of James Blackmon, who had a previous commitment. There was plenty of African, Oceanic, Indonesian, Pre-Columbian and Asian sculpture and textiles on hand to tempt and delight. It was well attended by all of our local friends, but we also saw some European dealers and collectors who found the occasion worthy of the trip.

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Thanks to all of you attending tribal art collectors and dealers who made this show such a great success!

Thanks also to Hali & Tribal Magazines for their reviews...
(Hali article #1, Hali article #2)

And to Somarts Gallery for the multimedia feature on their website.


Aerial view of the show

Frank Wiggers at opening night

Andres Moraga in his booth

A powerful Dayak Hampatong complex in Frank Wiggers's booth

Jonathan Fogel, of Tribal Magazine was on hand with copies of his wonderful publication. Also pictured are Gregory Ghent a Bay Area curator and appraiser, and Julie Casemore, from Stephen Wirtz Gallery.