San Francisco Tribal
Primal Arts in the Presidio
November 12 - 14, 2007

The SF Tribal group held its fourth annual event in the Herbst International Exhibition Hall in the San Francisco Presidio. It is a beautiful venue and the exhibits were world class with dealers representing tribal art from six continents. The opening preview party was well attended by the cognoscenti of Bay area collectors and friends of tribal art. Photos of the event and friends of SF Tribal are offered below.

Enjoy the pictures of the show, and please don’t forget to join our mailing list to be apprised of upcoming San Francisco Tribal events.

Thanks to all of you attending tribal art collectors and dealers who made this show such a great success!


Mike Auliso of Tribalmania chats with Peter Boyd from Seattle

Tribalmaniacs! Don't tell my wife what I paid for this!

Attendees apparently enjoyed themselves?

Gail and Steve Berger contemplate the numerology on Erik Farrow's shield.

David Betz in an Aboriginal moment.

     David is our specialist in Aboriginal art.

Robert Brundage show his usual esoteric collection of antique Himalayan art.

Fortunately friends help moderate Bob's behavior as best they can!

Colleagues commiserate during the show.

Mysterious visitors crowd Dave DeRoche's booth.

      Is Dave counting on his fingers?

Joshua Dimondstein African Art

  Josh plies client Alan Varela with a fine California vintage.
                                        (nice technique, Josh....)


Bob Dowling sharpens the finer points...

Bobby D with his Lifecoach!

Eric Farrow chats with charming Kathleen Ursin.

   Erik cultivates a new generation of collectors.

Zena Kruzick shows Mansoor something intriguing.

   Decisions, decisions, decisions...


Fashion alert - who needs Paris?


Katy and Joe Loux

Dealer David Rosenthal flirts with Katy. (It was hard to say whether it Joe's booth or Katy that was the main attraction).

Vanessa and Andres Moraga

Andres always presents a tastefully appointed booth.

           Any idea what it says?

The show venue was very comfortable.     

As always Tom Murray presented an elegant exhibit.


Tom shows an intriguing variety of interesting art objects.     

True to form, Tom tries to buy Cathy's boots.    

Vicki Shiba with Susie and her elegant display.

As above, so below.


Vicki always has a tasteful display.

Frank Wiggers - Indonesian specialist.

Frank's Batak staff collection....       

      Jim Willis with sidekick Kit Coyle.

Lin Chen Willis with dapper B.C. Dentan.    


Apparently, the Prozac is working!                                   Gramps teaches Alex the ropes.

Tribal Magazine associates Jonathan and Irina.

   Quick - Somebody call security!

A good time was had by all!