Art from the Himalayas

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The Himalayan region is a magical place where I have returned to many times. It has a rich and varied heritage that has offered an array of fascinating objects associated with traditional village life and culture in the Himalayas.

The Himalayas are home to myriad ethnographic groups that often integrate Buddhist, Hindu and animistic concepts into a unique cultural amalgam as ancient village cultures encounter life in a changing world.
In remote parts of Nepal, far from the crowded cities, offerings of incense and prayers were made at primitive shrines to petition archaic mountain gods for protection from malevolent spirits that could cause disease or calamity if neglected.

Those customs sometimes included the use of masks and figurative sculpture.  Inspired animistic ritual art in a primitive style very distinct from the orthodox classical art forms of the Kathmandu Valley. 
Tibetan Buddhist art has likewise integrated many similar indigenous animistic themes from ancient pre-Buddhist shamanic traditions.

Ancient animistic themes of protection and abundance were expressed through enigmatic rituals that are now becoming lost in time as economic and political realities influence culture even in distant villages.  Material culture is rapidly changing as modern imported goods replace traditional hand crafted village products. 
Looking back over many visits to Nepal and Tibet I feel extremely fortunate to have assembled a collection of Himalayan village art that would be impossible to duplicate today.

If you are interested in Tribal Art from the Himalayas you are welcome to contact me for additional information.