Female ancestor amulet - ana deo
Nage, Flores, Indonesia
Silver amalgam with gold/brass adornments
18th(?) century
Height: 5.9 cm / 2.4"
Weight: 40 gm
Published: Art of the Lesser Sundas, p. 103
ex-collection Anthony F. Granucci

There can be little doubt that this beautiful and enigmatic little figure, whatever its specific meaning, was intended to represent the spirit of an ancestor who could provide its protective influence against the vagaries of the natural world and its spirits.  Such small metal figures are found throughout island Southeast Asia. 

The figure is female, with distinctive breasts and genitalia.  She has a gold bracelet on the left arm and two gold or brass anklets on the legs.  A similar gold bracelet would once have adorned the right arm.  Her head is oversized with protruding ears and a distinctive topknot or headdress.  She is holding her arms up in front of her with her hands turned in. 

The piece was an heirloom from an animistic era and its overall figurative effect is a very archaic one.

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