Warrior riding a long-eared beast
Majapahit, East Java
circa 14th century
Height: 14 cm; width: 14.2 cm; depth: 12.3 cm

Fantastical quadruped resembling a horse with long ears, decorated with necklace, tail embellished, and standing on a rectangular platform enhanced with rosettes and floral motifs on the perimeter, the front and back terminating in axles which originally would have seen a set of wheels attached (now missing).  The beast is surmounted by a warrior, shield in left hand and short sword in right. 

The ensemble likely would have functioned as a children's toy, with the mounted warrior on his steed rooted in tales from the Old Javanese literature, thus resembling a 14th century version of a modern day action figure.

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Frank Wiggers
Insulinde Indonesian Arts


Frank Wiggers :: Horse
Frank Wiggers :: Horse