Necklace with mutih-salah beads
Luang island, Southeast Moluccas
Gold elements, with assorted carnelian, agate, silver & gold beads
circa 19th century or prior

Rare and early necklace consisting of two large gold elements of raised pyramidal form with filigree perimeter strung as part of an entourage of assorted beads.  Prime amongst these are the prized mutisalah beads which are considered coming directly from the ancestors and thus imbued with magical powers.  In the tribal cultures of eastern Indonesia, these glass manufactured beads were the most sought after and valued greater than even gold.  Modern research has shown the origin of these beads to be from India and dating back at least a millennium if not more.  As such, scholars usually refer to them as Indo-Pacific beads, clearly implying the early trade that existed between the great empires of India and the distant reaches of Southeast Asia since ancient times.

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Frank Wiggers
Insulinde Indonesian Arts


Frank Wiggers :: Luang Necklace