Akhnif, Berber Man’s Hooded Cape
Ait Ouaouzguite tribal confederation
Siroua Mountain Valleys of the Anti Atlas Range, Morocco
Size, fully extended: 51” x 93 1/4”  (137 x 237 cm)

Wool, goat hair, cotton, and silk. Natural and synthetic dyes including henna-derived orange, green, yellow, red, brown and black; Weft-faced plain weave with eccentric wefts (loom-shaped weaving), supplementary weft patterning and embroidery, fringe and tassels.

This superb Akhnif has several unusual features, such as the colored areas used in the “epaulettes” on either side of the hood. The interior is beautifully finished with braided cords, showing that it could also have been used inside out. For reference see Splendours du Maroc, Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale, 1998, page 188 Number 237.
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Andres Moraga

Andres Moraga :: Cape, Morocco
Andres Moraga :: Cape, Morocco
Andres Moraga :: Cape, Morocco