Pua Kumbu
Iban people, Seventh Division
Sarawak, Malaysia or possibly northern Kalimanthan 
Late 19th century or circa 1900
Ikat technique, all natural dyes, homespun cotton
103 x 46.25  inches
Crocodile motif 

The crocodile is an animal of great power and complex significance in the Iban spiritual pantheon which is as complex as that of ancient Greece.   

Ribai was the crocodile son of Nabau, the water serpent represented by the cobra, who was head of the Underworld.   

An Iban warrior might call the crocodile spirit through a Pua bearing its image to help bring him success on a headhunting raid.

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Andres Moraga

Andres Moraga :: Pua Kumbu, Iban People
Andres Moraga :: Pua Kumbu, Iban People