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Farrow Fine Art Gallery

19 Lovell Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 717-5588


Erik Farrow and Farrow Fine Art Gallery is located 20 minutes North of San Francisco, California. At my by appointment gallery I show and sell a variety of antique tribal art from Indonesia, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. I take pride in selling authentic antique tribal art that was made for, and used by the traditional culture the artwork is from. I look for not only the historical importance of a piece, but also for the esthetic artistic quality that will make a piece stand on its own as a good piece of art.

For my personal taste in ethnographic art I am drawn to objects made by warrior clans. The art, weapons and shields of these warrior peoples have a power that is not only seen, but also felt, like an emotion. I feel objects of tribal art are admired for three basic qualities: beauty, form, and power. Beauty and form are a thing that is seen with the eye, and a matter of personal taste. Power is an unseen force that is felt when in the presence of a piece that was empowered by the maker and the rituals it was used for. I enjoy both beautiful art, and art with great form, but powerful art moves me the most.

Please visit the gallery when in the San Francisco area. You can also contact me by phone or email if you are looking for a particular item. All purchases including those from my web site come with a guarantee of authentication, and satisfaction. It is important to me that the next owner of any artwork is as happy to live with it as I was.