Chinesco Figure, Mexico

“Chinesco” Seated Figure from a shaft tomb, buried to accompany deceased in the afterlife.
Chinesco Variant, Nayarit, Mexico
Pre-Columbian; circa 200 BC – AD 250
8.25”h x 5.5”w x 3”d  (21cm Height  x 14cm Width x 7.6cm Depth)
Provenance: long in a So. California private collection
Ceramic (fired clay)

Red vertical stripes on cream/yellow; Red-slip stripes down back, against orange/yellow slip; Charcoal/black slip detailing around eyes & hairline. Small manganese accretions show its age entombed. Fine tiny air vent cleverly hidden under left armpit. Seated with legs folded underneath, calves under thighs. Head of classic moon shape, long termed “Chinesco” due to local discoverers noting Asian-like facial features.


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