Flagellant Whip, Persia/Iran

Islamic Flagellant Whip                                                                              
Ca. 19th century
Brass, wood, iron
L: 20 in :: 50.8 cm

A whip comprised of a brass and wood handle with an iron loop holding multiple iron chains at its end.
Such implements were used in ceremonial rites where adherents flagellated themselves without apparent harm, thereby displaying their invulnerability to pain.

The handle contains the following engraved inscription in Arabic:
“I shall strike (myself) with chains before the Holy Shrine (lit. the pure grave).
O Ali, son of Imam Reza! A gift to you, O Shah, (from) Asad Ullah Ghani Zaadeh.
In the hope (of making a pilgrimage), visiting a shrine, Have I made this offering. I shed tears.”

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