Woman’s Loin Cloth, Dida People, Ivory Coast

Woman’s Prestige Loin Cloth
Dida People, Ivory Coast
Early 20th century
Raffia, shaped resist-dye
40 x 11 ins (102 x 28 cm)

The synergy of an unusual plaited weave structure, in conjunction with a shaped resist-dyeing technique and burnished earth tone dyed raffia fibers, yields a crisply textured surface in this Dida woman’s loin cloth. The textile  deliberately exploits the pliability of the intensively puckered cloth as a design element, setting up a contrast between the tightly compressed, small peaks in the upper band and the rows of larger, stretched tie-dye circles of alternating red and yellow below. This mini landscape evokes heights and plains, hills and tree rings. The fineness of the weave, the intensity of the color, the bobble edging and aesthetic refinement are evidence of great age.

The textile will be featured among exceptional African textile art in our forthcoming catalogue available in December.

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Berkeley, CA