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Art of Oceania and Related Books

2158 Sutter Street
San Francisco CA 94115
cell phone 415 948 8978
In Paris:
9 Rue des Beaux Arts
75006 Paris
(33)(0)9 67 28 70 27 land line
(33)(0)6 47 31 59 96 cell phone


Since 1987, David F. Rosenthal has been among the few galleries worldwide devoted exclusively to the fine antique tribal art of Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Australia. We present authentic works of uncompromising quality, and guarantee the accuracy of the information we provide about them. The gallery shows only material made for tribal use. We also offer a large selection of mostly out-of-print and hard-to-find books on the cultures of Oceania, as well as books on other areas of tribal art.

We are open by appointment. If you would like to view the gallery, please do not hesitate to contact us – We deal with museums, auction houses, other dealers, scholars, and collectors at all levels, and your visit is welcome. Please also communicate any wants or special interests to us. Although we do not currently maintain a developed web site, we are happy to send you images and descriptions on a personal basis, of pieces you might have interest in.

We are always looking for opportunities to acquire art works, collections, books and libraries, and will respond promptly to inquiries from prospective sellers. Appraisal services are also available.

The gallery is located one mile west of Union Square in downtown San Francisco, quickly and easily accessible by public transportation or taxi.