Betel Nut Box, Philippines

Betel Nut Box
Mindanao Culture, Philippines
E. 20th C.
Bronze with Coin Silver Inlay
9” L x 4” H x 3.75” D / 23cm L x 10cm H x 9.5 cm D

This well cared for betel nut box is a fine example of the artistry of traditional Mindanao silver inlay.  The box would have been a treasured object in its owner’s household due to the quality and size, an indication wealth and status.  Larger in size than most, with chamfered corners and four interior lidded chambers.  The quality and clarity of the inlay is among the best we have seen.  Each compartment once held the accoutrements for enjoying betel nut: Areca nut, betel piper vine leaves, leaf tobacco and lime.  Visit our website for an even larger version.


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